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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Surely you have more important things to do than to maintain data in a wide array of programs, manually process internet requests or struggle with the use of different software programs. What you want instead are efficient, time-saving procedures and the option to optimize your marketing and management activities without any major technical effort or personnel expenditure.

The free CRM of the Worldsoft Business Suite allows you to automate responses to internet inquiries, react faster, communicate in a targeted manner, save time, and have all the relevant information in one place.

Our system can be integrated easily and quickly into any website. Website inquiries are submitted to the CRM, where they are automatically encoded and answered. Individual coding and real-time statistics provide you with accurate information about your marketing activities.


Why a CRM?


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) saves time and effort and enhances the relationship with existing and potential customers. A CRM allows for the personal and targeted maintenance of prospects (leads), customers, suppliers and employees in a central management system.

A CRM makes a decisive contribution to a company's success. All customers, prospects and service requests, along with all the contact information, are stored in a central database. This information is available at any time online, on mobile devices and desktop computers. If you want quick success, you need a complete and detailed overview of the current status!

Use the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition by using a professional CRM. This will satisfy your valuable customers and retain their loyalty as well as increase the customer value.

Our CRM is a powerful system, which will provide you with feedback on how to optimize your marketing. Order your CRM TODAY, free of charge and without obligation:

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Customer acquisition by autopilot.


According to surveys, 90 percent of companies have not yet automated their online presence. Website inquiries are not used effectively, sometimes they are not even answered.

The CRM of the Worldsoft Business Suite (WBS) provides your prospective customers with the information they seek - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - customized and personalized - and fully automated for your convenience!

Automated follow-up emails turn new contacts into new customers. Your website becomes a powerful sales tool and attracts new customers by autopilot!

WBS is a complete business suite for SMEs. The free CRM can be expanded by an email marketing system with follow-up emails, online surveys, calendars, invoicing, reminders, item and inventory management as well as an affiliate program.

The basic CRM package is FREE and can be upgraded cost-effectively to a more comprehensive package. You can find the prices and features of the various WBS packages here:

Prices/features of the WBS packages


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM automates the structured capture of contact and customer data. The WebConnector automatically processes, responds to and follows up on
online requests.

Your contacts are tagged with individual codes (virtual tags). This allows you to communicate effectively and provide quick and efficient customer support.

Use the CRM to manage your contacts, communicate with your customers, create selections and import/export addresses. The correspondence, customer documents, comments and notes are stored clearly in the customer overview. You always have all the information at your fingertips.



Website connection and form integration

WebConnector connects your CRM to any website. You do not need an interface or programming knowledge to connect.

All you need to do is create customized web forms with the help of templates, using drag & drop, and integrate them into your website. No IT knowledge required.

All requests made using the web forms are submitted to your CRM, where they are properly encoded and automatically answered by email.

Fully automated processes such as encoding, automatic email replies, follow-up emails, etc., are set up with just a few clicks. In this way you can generate sales pages with high conversion rates and build up an own email list with qualified and relevant contacts. The CRM basic package is FREE and can easily be connected to any website, regardless of the system with which the website was created.


Feature Checklist

  • Autoresponder
  • List management with CRM
  • Quick search
  • Individual selection
  • Selection filter
  • Group management
  • Message system
  • Access rights
  • WebConnector für Websitefor websites
  • Online form editor
  • Resubmission
  • Customer administration
  • User management
  • Import/Export
  • API interface
  • Data backup

The CRM basic package is FREE and can easily be connected to any website, regardless of the system with which the website was created.

Order your FREE CRM now!

It can be upgraded to a full online management system.


Worldsoft Business Suite (WBS) can be expanded to incorporate a CRM, an email marketing system with follow-up emails, online surveys, calendars, an invoicing system with article management and an affiliate program.

Every customer has direct online access to his data and invoices. An automated email is all that is needed for your customer to be able print his invoice in the customer account and communicate with you.

WBS offers a full range of management features, cast from a single mold. This optimizes your administration, no longer making it necessary to use different programs to manage information and addresses.

The basic CRM package is free and can be upgraded cost-effectively. Here is the price list for the upgrade packages:

Prices/features of the WBS packages


We sell professional pond technology and automatic irrigation systems and operate an online shop with over 1,300 quality products from leading brand-name manufacturers. We have been working with Worldsoft since 2001, acquiring new customers by auto-pilot.

Jürgen Saladin

CEO, Kübler GmbH

With Worldsoft's marketing tools, we managed to double our customer base.

Mark Valentini

CEO, City-Top’s Verlag GmbH

I have been working with the Worldsoft system for over 12 years. We use the ERP to manage over 140,000 addresses. It is the Worldsoft marketing modules, such as the FollowUp systems, which have made it technically possible for us to achieve and manage annual sales ranging in the millions.

Helmut J. Ament

CEO, VIP Coaching Club AG

Worldsoft makes it possible for me to fully automate my online webinars, from registration to invoicing, without investing any further time and effort.

Marc Lubetzki

Wildlife filmmaker

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